Bernadette Wesley

Bernadette Wesley


Through Sociocracy Training and Consulting, Bernadette helps organizations and communities self-organize and co-create together in a healthy, conscious, and productive way.

Specializing in practices of Conscious Communication and Emotional Intelligence, she helps teams develop cooperative practices for building community, connection, accessing group intelligence, and exploring conflict.

Bernadette moved to Porto, Portugal in 2013 from the US with her husband and two daughters. It was a conscious move toward creating a life that felt more aligned with her family’s values and a desire to live in support of sustainability.

As a transformation coach, she has been helping people move through their limitations and create a life aligned with their values and dreams for a better world. But after 25 years in the study, practice and implementation of higher consciousness practices, she had a deep realization: helping individuals become empowered was not enough as long as we are living and working in structurally toxic systems and organizations. Her burning desire to assist in the transformation of the old organizational systems that no longer work led her to work with Sociocracy for All.