Laura Williams

Laura Williams


Laura Williams twin passions in life have always been a deep love and care for natural world and a quest for what true liberation looks like. She trained as an Ecologist and spent time studying wildlife all over the world. Unhappy about the destruction of habitat she spent a decade as a
frontline environmental activist trying to prevent further harm from happening.
After many years she realised that she wanted to focus on alternatives to the current system to see if it really is possible to live with other people harmoniously and create conditions for Life to thrive. Nine years ago she arrived at the Awakened Life Project in Central Portugal and discovered to her joy that it is possible to come together in true intimacy with other human beings beyond a limited sense of self to create a culture beyond separation and limitation.
She founded the Awakened Forest Project focusing on ecosystem regeneration in the context of spiritual unity. The Project is guided by Nature both through biomimcry – imitating Nature’s intelligent design – and through guidance gleaned from direct communication with plants, animals and natural elements. The honeybee and all they teach us are at the heart of the project.
She is also passionate about liberating men and women from the patriarchal, historical and cultural conditioning that affects us all. The attachment to our conditioning is what keeps us bound in separation and unhappiness and limits our imagination for new possibilities. The good news is it is entirely possible to see through this condition and choose another way of being with each other and the world.

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Imagina: O Bicho-Humano

06 Jul 2019
11:00 - 13:00
Auditório Biblioteca Almeida Garrett